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1. How do I find my tire size?
Your tire size is located on the outer area of the tire wall it contains 3 separate numbers (e.g. 295 25-R 22) If you need help locating the tire size please call us directly at 416-938-1361.
2. Can I change my tire size?
It is recommended to stay within the manufacturers guidelines, for winter tires you may go one size down (this allows more handling on the roads in winter conditions).
3. What is the pressure reading for my tires?
Every vehicle has a different PSI (pounds per square inch) and this can be found on the drivers side door on the sticker. This will also contain the tire size for your vehicle.
4. How do I know when my tires were made?
Every tire manufacturer stamps the tires with a 4 digit stamp on the outer area of the tire, it stands for the week and year the tire was made.
5. When should I change my tires?
Your tires should be changed once they are 4/32’ of thread depth. If you need help determining whether to change your tires please call us directly to schedule an appointment.
6. What tire brand is the best?
Depending on your driving habits, our tire experts can inform you of specific brands that will best suite your needs.
7. How often should I rotate my tires?
We recommend rotating your tires after every oil change, roughly about 10,000 KM.
8. When should I put winter tires on?
Winter tires should be installed once the temperature reaches below seven degrees celsius. Call us to schedule your winter tire swap today and avoid the winter rush.