As a mobile service we know how time consuming it can be to take your vehicles in for regular maintenance. We can help you to get all vehicles serviced at the location of your choice from new tires, emergency roadside care and special packages for your employees.

Competitive Rates

Whatever your tire needs, we provide you special pricing for your commercial fleets. Contact us to enquire about our amazing rates and be prepared for excellence.


Year Round Service

We can provide your team with roadside assistance to prevent any down time to your company. No need to pay a towing fee, Cali Tire is here to assist you!


No Commitment

No annual fees to pay for our luxury service, we’re work out hardest to ensure you are satisfied with our service and pricing at Cali Tire.


We can eliminate your companies large overheads for your commercial fleet. Call us to schedule your next seasonal

change over or new tire requirements. We will come to your parking lot and service your fleet. No waiting in line, we're here to help you!