We sell a huge selection of new tires, all sizes, brands, and models available with competitive pricing. Our tire experts can easily match you with the perfect specifications for your vehicle.

Winter Tires

Your Winter tires should be installed once the temperature drops to 7 degrees celsius and below. We also offer rebate incentives on most major tire brands.


Summer Tires

We carry a variety of traction tires for wet or dry road conditions. Our brands run from high end to economy brands, whatever your budget Cali Tire has you covered.


All Seasons

Our most popular selections are in Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli and Continental. Give us a call and we will be glad to find the right tire for you.


We carry Winter, Summer, All Season, All Weather ultra high performance tires. We offer all selections from high end models to economic quick fixes. Our highly skilled tire technicians are specially trained in all makes and

models of vehicles to help you with your needs. Let our insightful experts advise you on making an informed purchase. Our team knows how important your safety is on the road and take the extra precautions to ensure your safe.