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1. How much do rims cost?
Depending on the style of rim your looking to buy and size the price can vary. Please call us directly to receive a quote and discuss your rim needs. If you have a specific rim you want kindly forward us a picture at sales@calitire.ca to review.
2. What size of rims can I get for my car?
Based on your vehicle you can usually have rims up to 2 sizes larger than your tire size.
3. Can I put “staggered” wheels on my vehicle?
Yes it is possible if your vehicle is rear wheel drive to have staggered wheels. If you have all wheel drive (AWD) it is recommended to have four tires of the same diameter.
4. Can I keep my rims on all year?
You sure can, depending on the style of finish they have. However we must advise you during the winter season the snow and salt may damage your rims. Please call us directly if you have any questions regarding this topic.
5. Why should I buy winter rims?
Having a set of winter rims will help preserve the original tires for your vehicle. It will also save you money in the long run from doing seasonal changeovers.
6. Can I re use my old rims on my new vehicle?
If your old rims have the same tire size and bolt pattern you sure can however contact us to confirm this.
7. Do rims come in one standard size for all cars?
Rims are not standard, in fact, many rims are made after you order them to ensure they fit your vehicle correctly.
8. Do rims come with warranty?
Rims come with a one year manufacturer defect warranty, in case something happens to the finish such as peeling etc. If your rims becomes defective after one year we also do rim refinishing, please contact us for more details.