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1. Can I use my all season tires throughout the entire year?
We highly recommend installing a set of winter tires for your families safety. As with all season tires they loose traction and stop performing in -10 degree weather.
2. When do I take my winter tires off?
Winter tires should be removed once the weather consistently hits 7 degrees celsius or higher.
3. What do I do with my tires when I change them?
Cali Tire offers tire storage services for customers looking to store their tires in our facility. If this is not the case we professionally bag each tire and carefully place them in your car for your personal storage.
4. Why should I change my tires?
In seasonal air temperature changes, and precipitation factors the way the tires are manufactured, determines the way they perform on the roads. All season tires are made to grip the road on warmer temperature for slick rain conditions. Winter tires are made with a special rubber that softens when temperatures are extremely cold, allowing it to have more traction in those conditions.
5. Can I change 2/4 tires on my vehicle?
It is not recommended to only change 2/4 tires, with the wear and tear done to all tires you always want to maximize the stability on the road by having everything balanced. It is always a better idea to replace all 4 at the same time to be on the safe side.