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Details about our Tire Services

New Tires

We carry a huge selection of new tires, all sizes, brands, and models available, with competitive pricing. Our tire experts can easily match you with the perfect specifications for your vehicle.

1.Winter Tires
Be ready for winter roads! Your winter tires should be installed once the temperature drops to 7 degrees Celsius and below. We offer rebate incentives on most major brands.

2. Summer Tires
We carry a variety of traction tires for wet or dry road conditions in any size. Our brands run high end to economy brands, whatever your budget is let us know, and we will help find you the right fitment.

3. All Seasons
Our most popular selections are in Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli and Continental. Give us a call for with your size, we’re sure you’ll be pleased you did.

We carry Winter, Summer, All Season, All Weather ultra-high performance tires. We offer all selections from high end models to economic quick fixes. Our highly skilled tire technicians are specially trained in all makes and models of vehicles to help you with your needs. Let our insightful experts advise you on making an informed purchase. Our team knows how important your road safety is. We take pride in all
aspects of our work.

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Start choosing your rim package with one of our professionals. Rim packages always make a statement, whether you prefer crisp classic looks or want to make a bold statement, it can change the look of your vehicle. We Offer some of the best rims in the world!

1.OEM Fitment
Original Equipment Manufactured fitment. We offer fitments for all makes and models tested to provide no vibrations, especially at high speeds.

2. Custom Rims
We can provide customs rims for all bolt patterns, custom finishes, 2 tone or 3 tone, your choice! Many brands to select from including: Savini Forge, Forgiato, Lexani Forge, and many more.

3. Replica Wheels
Wheel designs made to look like the originals. Available in many sizes and finishes not accessible from manufacturers. Direct fit that are hub centric and original lug nuts with OEM center caps.

Our team specializes in custom rim packages. We enjoy making your vision come to life. Whatever your taste is, we have the offset and custom bolt pattern information you need readily available. Get any colour, texture and finish your looking for.

Ask about our custom powder coating service for customization requests.

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Seasonal Change Over

It is highly recommended to change your tires seasonally. This ensures you do your part to keeping the roads safe for yourself and the other drivers on the road. Driving in extreme weather conditions can stress your vehicle if your tires are not designed to perform for certain situations.

1.Off Rim
If your tires are stored away “bare” -without rims we can mount them, and balance them for you. Ask us about getting seasonal wheels to have complete sets for each season.

2.On Rim
We do quick bolt on service @ your desired location, air top up and balancing @ your request. Lug nut inspections are done at no additional costs to you.

3.Steel Wheel
We can fit your off-rim tires with a hub centric steel wheel for your winter use. This ensures you preserve your regular tires, or custom fits for this right season.

Give us a call or email us as the winter season is soon to arrive. We can promptly schedule your seasonal service as quickly and conveniently as you’d like. No need to sit around the tire shop on a busy Saturday, or worst take time off of work to get your vehicle road ready. You are our first priority and we give you our undivided attention so you can be on your way.

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As a mobile service we know how time consuming it can be to take your vehicles in for regular maintenance. We can help you to get all vehicles serviced at the location of your choice from new tires, emergency roadside care and special packages for your employees.

  1. Competitive Rates
    Whatever your tire needs, we provide you special pricing for your commercial fleets. Are you already getting a great deal? Show is in writing and we can match it or make it better! Please contact us to inquire.
  1. Year-round Service
    We can provide your team with roadside assistance to prevent any down time to your company. No need to pay a towing fee, we will bring the size you need and change them on the spot. Seasonal change-over can be done on your lot when your employees are done their work day!
  1. No Commitment, contract or membership
    No yearly fees to pay for our luxury service, we’re sure you will be satisfied with our service and pricing!

We can eliminate your company large overheads for your commercial fleet. Call us to schedule your next seasonal change over or new tire installations. We will come to your parking lot and service your fleet. No waiting in line, we know your busy!

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Tire Repair

When you run into a tire problem don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have various ways of solving tire issues, from nail puncture damage to rim corrosion solutions. Best part, of course we’ll come to you for your tire repair.

1. Tire Patching & Plug
When you tire gets punctured, we will dismount it on-site. Locate the leak and seal it. Balance it, and remount it so you can get to your next destination safely.

2. On-site Flexible scheduling
We offer this service to you with extended hours of operation, for your convenience give us a call, you’d be surprised at how dedicated our team is!

3. Run Flat Repairs
We also offer run flat services and repairs as many other places don’t have this service available. Call us for your inquiries.

Cali Tire mobile tire experts understand that safety comes first. It is our first priority that both our customers and our employees are safe on the road at all times. They will address any concerns you’re having just let them know. We have insightful ideas and options that will for you.

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Tire Balancing

Have you ever driven at high speeds and noticed you steering wheel is shaking? Most likely your tires are not properly balanced. We can address this issue and get you driving smooth again!

1.Our equipment
Our top of the line equipment helps us get the most accurate reading possible. No compromising we
only use the best to achieve our highest quality work for you.

2. Included in our sales service
Balancing is done automatically when you purchase and install 4 new tires.

3.All Sizes
We can balance tires from 13-26’+ inches on site, call us with your inquiries.

Correct tire balancing is imperative to a safe and enjoyable ride in your vehicle. Whatever, your concern ask one of our tire experts, they will be glad to help diagnose the problem and advise you honestly.

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Rim Repairs

After investing money into your vehicles’ rim package, you may want to preserve them. Some of life’s Un-expectancies may be unavoidable. Let us come to your aide when you’re having a rim issue.

1.Bent Rims
Potholes or sewers covers are the most common road culprits that cause your rim to get bent. We can help to restore them.

2.Cracked Rims
Having run flats commonly cause some rims to crack over time, we can provide repair services for this issue.

3.Refinished wheels
We offer custom powder coating refinishing from OEM models to your custom looks. Stock rims to custom 3-piece wheels available.

As drivers ourselves, we know that season to season, road repairs, curbs and other distractions can only be avoided so much before a rim gets damaged. Give us a call to book your appointment now.

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Tire Storage

Trust our experts to know how to care for your tires and tire packages in their off seasons. We’re fully insured and use a state of the art facility and system to store your tires. Contact us for your inquiries.

1.Promo- deals
Based on early reservations our state of the art storage system is offered to you at exclusive pricing when you reserve this service at low peaks in the season. Call us to find out when so you can book it!

2.Care while Stored
Let our experts hand wash your wheels before putting them away. A professional inspection is done, report given to you, and once ready to be bolted on air balancing and air top up is done.

3.Easy Payment System
Ask your tire expert for details as promotional offers vary throughout the year. We can offer pre authorized payment plans for you.

We use a first-class storage system ensuring your tires are safe and well cared for in our fully insured storage facility. Be care free that your investments are in good hands.

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